Naoko is a Japanese Girl in her Early Twenties... That's all I'm going to tell you about Naoko for now, for the Sake of the Story...
Ben Wayne
Detective Ben Wayne is an American Detective, who Transplanted to New Tokyo from Chicago some Five Years ago. Ben is in his Mid, to Late Thirties, about 6' Tall, 185lbs, with Soft Blue Eyes... Ben is Cool, Calm, Collective and Known Primarily for his Quietness, and the Long Flapping Trench Coat that he wears...
Ti Li
Ti Li is a Japanese Man in his Mid, to Late Twenties... I'm not going to tell you much about him either at this point, except that he Dresses Extravagantly (down to his Long Black Boots), and has the Prowess, and/or Presence, of a Cat...
Mr. Asano
Master Obuchi
Mr. Wakai
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